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The path of Wisdom

a feeling crawls under my skin..
and duels soul within the ill.
i pray that for at least one time
to rock your world and make you smile.

looking down, and towards the sky
i want to let you in my life,
entangle me, just with your smile.

i shall forget what has been told,
for worse is here no more, but gone.
i’ll keep my ravaged thoughts
and walk with you, on other paths.

the mourning chill, rattles a vibe.
it makes no sense, and fills the wrath,
the heart, and all that’s left of mine.

he, who knows is always happy,
that will always want, no more-
no more wealth, just health and wisdom.
and i’m not like that, not yet.

drinking tea, watching the sun,
days from past, are coming back-

listening the bitterness,
i’ll beg just for wisdom, nothing more
and, nothing less.

while all the others give away,
i promise, i will be more strong
and within the mist, the lie, the wrong
i wouldn’t want to stay.


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