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Teachers open the door, but you must walk through it yourself. Am numai 2 calitati: sunt constituit numai din defecte si detin toate viciile.

About you..

U came like winter without snow,
and moved along the time into my soul.
what’s to come i do not know,
what’s 2 be we’ll taste it slow.
I love the women i can’t have,
because none of those they have,
wont get & give all that i have.
Profound is what we have in thoughts,
and bare and feel in our hearts.
For all those women whom i had & have,
i’ll feel & tell one thing within my mind:
i only wait & want the chosen one!

Nutrim dorinți creatoare instantanee și primitive. Dorim ceva ce nu e al nostru de fapt!
…putem avea- Condiția necesară și suficientă e reciprocitatea.


2 răspunsuri la „About you..

  1. albastra 05/01/2010 la 22:17

    chiar asa, reciprocitatea este suficienta 🙂

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