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Lust and hope

Your hands draw words uppon my face,
your look holds truth and hides the space.

Embrace my love and hold me in your arms,
Allow my heart and soul to be your guards
The crying rain, sings at my window
the wind is pushing me to slow.

A symphony of tears, the earth is bounding –
hardly just for us,
Our lips are bounding _________, for a kiss.

The light is diming,
for your hands to meet upon my skin –
From lust we raise just to descend in sin.

If death i see, a life begins,
for life we kill all feelings with a will.
Moisture fingers, heated body…
Rusted wishes come alive, sorting memories.

Faraway becomes nearby,
as a dream searches to sly.
As the time passes away,
all i knew just fades away.